The BEI test center has a 32-channel data acquisition system that is capable of collecting data up to 10 kHz.  Our many transducers include accelerometers, tension/compression load cells, strain gauges, and pressure sensors.  Two Hybrid III dummy heads are in-house equipment and full Hybrid III dummies are available when needed.  Other test equipment includes a drop tower, Phantom high-speed video cameras and Faro laser scanners.  In addition to testing conducted directly for clients, our test center staff works in conjunction with our engineers and researchers to conduct testing that supports our biomechanical analysis and research projects.

Some examples of tests conducted by BEI include:

  • Head drops
  • Full-scale vehicle crashes
  • Bumper impacts
  • Bumper component evaluation
  • Human volunteer testing
  • Pre-impact braking
  • Amusement ride testing
  • Seat back / seat bottom testing
  • Restraint system testingtest center - Marina Del Ray, CA
    • Airbag deployment
    • Webbing elongation
    • Webbing pull
    • Inertial release
    • Retractor evaluations

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